Oral Cancer Awareness Drive


It is an initiative of Oral Cancer Organization that comes under their objective of spreading social awareness about cancer through presentations, awareness drills, roadshows and camps.

The target is to make the general public aware of the characteristics of oral cancer and encourage them for regular screenings and to have a healthy life style that will keep them away from the risk of developing oral cancer.


We keep carrying out different events. You can be a part of them. Keep following us on Facebook and our blog. Suggest us any new ideas you have and we will help you execute them for the cause. It could range from Awareness Walks, Seminars, and any kind of Fund-Raisers, Educational Programs etc.


Because oral cancer usually becomes more evident in the advanced stages, when it becomes hard to control it. Moreover, if it is diagnosed early, it can be cured with better chances of patient survival and with less suffering after the treatment procedure.




One thought on “Oral Cancer Awareness Drive

  1. Hi,
    I hereby encourage your effort and spirit for increasing awareness among people for early detection of Oral Cancer.we at Pakistan also trying to make our society aware about oral cancer, its causes, symptoms, treatment and more than that.we need your support and guidance in the form of ideas.Can you please tell us how should we start, what should be our first step and what must be our last step to get maximum and everlasting impact of our project.

    Looking forward for your support.
    Saima Khatian

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