Educational Program in Jaipur

We see in this photograph, Dr. Prashant Sharma who helped us arrange an educational program on oral cancer for the teaching staff of the Tiny Tots School, Imli Fatak, Jaipur. It was coupled with a dental camp organized for children by Vaidya Dental Clinic of the same locality. It gave us the opportunity to educate those, who educate the children.

It was an interactive session, in which we distributed information literature and also demonstrated the Six Step Screening, a technique of screening oral cancer formulated by Eva Grayzel (a stage IV oral cancer survivor, a motivational speaker and an author) on one of the volunteers. She has been working for oral cancer a lot by conducting talks and emphasizing on regular screenings of the same. (her official page:




2 thoughts on “Educational Program in Jaipur

  1. Keep up the great work about raising awareness! If you are not getting an oral cancer screening, ASK for it. You can motivate dentists and doctors to get the Continuing Education they need to keep up to date in giving you the best care possible. Also, if you don’t visit a dentist regularly, keep an eye on your own mouth. Just like any other self-exam, look at your tongue, your gums, and if anything is abnormal and persists, get to a dentist. When you are a team player with your healthcare providers, you will be proactive about keeping yourself in the best state of health possible.

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