Awareness Walk at NIT-K

by Sampada Deshpande


Orientation of the volunteers

The Oral Cancer Awareness Drive NITK 2012 took place on the 20th of October as a result of the fruitful collaboration of our team in Manipal (led by Dr. Anirudha Agnihotry) and the Rotaract Chapter of NIT Surathkal. We communicated with Harold Benson, President of the Rotaract Chapter, NITK and planned the whole event of Awareness Walk 2012, an experience that will forever stay in our hearts.


Volunteers with pamphlets

As part of this Drive, we went to different places around their beautiful 250 acre campus and distributed pamphlets pertaining information about Oral Cancer. We educated students, mess workers and pedestrians about the different facets to this disease and made it easier for them to understand the diagnosis and treatment procedures. The thirteen of us distributed nearly 700 pamphlets in the two hours that we spent there.


Having a dialogue with people

My most memorable moment was when we came across a young man with an incessant pan chewing habit, who informed us about bleeding from his mouth while eating and brushing. He caught up to us after having read our pamphlet carefully and nervously asked if he had cancer. We informed him about the various causes for oral cancer and that bleeding might suggest it but does not confirm it and advised him to get a check-up at the nearest health facility as soon as possible. One of the volunteers relieved him greatly by telling him that a symptom of cancer if detected early, can almost always lead to an early diagnosis and an effective treatment. He thanked us for our help and assured us of making a visit to the doctor/dentist immediately. It was a good experience and I felt great by helping people.Image

The team


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