BAND IT! Campaign at ‘Dhol Baje’

by Kanika Sabhlok


On 27th October, 2013, Manipal University hosted an event called “Dhol Baje” -a dandiya event to celebrate Navratri, in collaboration with the local Rotract Club. We got an opportunity to put up an informative booth at the event, where volunteers gave informative brochures to the public and explained to them about the causes and risks associated with oral cancer.


This idea was successful since many students were reached out to and it was stressed upon how smoking can adversely affect their lives. Volunteers also raised money by banding people with a black ribbon, to encourage them to join this fight against oral cancer. Overall, it was a fun filled night with dancing, clicking of the dandiya sticks and of course, arms tied with black ribbons – showing their support to fight oral cancer.



4 thoughts on “BAND IT! Campaign at ‘Dhol Baje’

  1. Dear Anirud,
    I am impressed by your work for oral cancer patients, and your efforts to change the behavior or habits of the people, as to prevent oral cancer in the future.
    Really great work!
    All the best to you. I continue to follow you on Twitter.
    Warm regards,
    Ruud Karsten
    Founder of DHIN,
    Senior lecturer in periodontology, &
    International student exchange officer
    College of Dental sciences
    Radboud university Nijmegen medical center
    The Netherlands

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