Intern For Us

Do you want to join and work with us?

Send in your details along with a paragraph describing your vision for the cause and the path you would take to accomplish it. You can be a writer, photographer, event co-ordinator, manager etc. We would like to know what you are good at and utilize such resources for this cause. We would also like to know you as a person, so feel free to add another paragraph describing your reasons for choosing to work with us.

We are looking for people

  • to contribute to our blog with articles, photographs, updates and latest news on oral cancer
  • to manage our social networking : blog content, twitter, pinterest, facebook page, tumblr etc both online as well as offline
  • to plan and co-ordinate events like these
  • that can bring in new ideas both in print and  digital media campaigns

If you cannot strictly contribute in any of the ways described above, but would still like to work with us – even if it means in your own institution alone, please feel free to write to us with your ideas towards the same.

Contact us:


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